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Sara Bareilles on tour with Avid and Midas

Spectrum Sound is constanly striving to adapt various technologies in order to provide options to mixing engineers.  Sara Bareilles' summer 2011 tour is a perfect example of this. FOH engineer Trey Smith wanted the famous Midas Sound, but monitor engineer Kevin Twist had grown accoustomed to using an Avid Profile.  To achieve this, Spectrum built a system around the Midas DL 431.

After receiving the microphone inputs, the DL 431 uses one set of its AES50 outputs to feed a Midas PRO 9 at the front-of-house position. The second AES50 output of the DL 431 is connected to the Klark-Teknik DN 9650 Network Bridge. The DN 9650 is specifically designed to allow simple and efficient networking between Midas I/O hardware and many different digital audio networks. Using the MADI interface option on the DN 9650 and the Avid MADI Option Card, the monitor engineer is able to seamlessly integrate his Avid VENUE Profile system with the Midas DL 431. The outputs of the VENUE system are routed back through the MADI network to the DN 9650. Using the other AES50 port on the Network Bridge, a Midas DL 451 configured with output cards routes all of the outputs to their desired location. Using this system, we have allowed the engineer to use the flexibility of an Avid VENUE system and all of its plug-in options while still giving him the "Midas Sound".

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