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If ever there was a unique sound install with numerous variables, and limited budget, this was our situation”, says Rev. Jenna Martin, Church of the Redeemer, Anglican here in Nashville. “Our initial conversations involved  badly needed improvements to the system originally installed in the sanctuary, and continued over a period of several years before we got the go ahead this past fall” according to Spectrum Sound Retail Sales Manager Barry Sanders.  “Jenna was very specific in her requirements; we had to achieve both high fidelity and intelligibility in a reverberant space, all while not infringing on the beautiful visual esthetic of the room itself, and staying within budget.“ 

Over time, the final design incorporating d&b audiotechnik’s new White Series was approved by the church elders. “I specified d&b for this room from the beginning”, states Barry. “The White Series cabinets matched the requirements of the job perfectly! Also, all tuning, (with very little EQ required), was done within the D6 amplifiers that drive the system.  Now the mixer can hear all the fine details they need when making adjustments to the various instruments, vocalists, and speakers during services. In short, the room sounds great and the sound person can easily mix with confidence!”  The project also involved custom acoustic treatment from Perdue Acoustics and upgrades to their existing HearBack monitor system, which was previously purchased from Spectrum. “With input from Jenna, we hand-picked the custom speaker color for the delay speakers, and the cloth for the acoustic treatments to match existing colors.” The installation was completed over 3 days by Spectrum’s team, with the assistance of Barclay Dwight, a carpenter and church member who handled the delicate trim work. 

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